Control Emotions

Ever since I got struck with a massive heart attack just 4 months ago, I’m learning new skills. Not for my job or for parenting, but new skills on how to control my emotions and channel my energy. 

I use several apps to get into a ZEN mode in my life. These include:

  • Mood meter – tracking your mood to identify those moments you got annoyed or stressed out, and a guide on how to get to a better place with your emotions
  • Headspace – a meditation app. Andy talks you through a daily moment of ZEN
  • H*nest Meditation – another meditation app on advice from my friend Bob. This one makes me laugh often, although I just downloaded it

Even with use of these apps, there can still be moments you feel you’re losing it. Just recently I learned of the proactive formula from Kabbalah on a Podcast by Stephan Spencer. This is what I’m trying to incorporate in situations of conflict or challenges.

One of my favorite things I learned from Kabbalah is the Proactive Formula, which is a five-step process…It’s about if you’re in conflict, you’re in a situation that is a challenge, what do you do? You follow the five steps if you’re going to be reactive…

I encourage you to listen to the whole episode of The Optimized Geek

The five steps are (summarized):

  1. Pause. Don’t get sucked into a conflict
  2. Recognize the person you’re in conflict with is not the enemy but your own reactivity is the opponent
  3. Recognize this conflict or challenge is brought to you to grow
  4. Ask yourself for a proactive solution or action to take
  5. Take that action

What are your strategies to take control of your emotions and face the challenges? Do you have any apps I should try?